How to loss weight with green tea and look beautiful

The best tea for weight loss

The growing importance of green tea has led to over 158 million people in America love having a cup of green tea. Lately, studies show that Americans consume over 80 billion servings of green tea. Yes, it’s shocking but still a reality. However, black tea remains on the top with 84 billion servings consumed in the country. We can still say that the growth rate of green tea is lately identified to be more than the black tea. But why so? Research shows that it is majorly because of the green tea health benefits for weight loss. It is the best tea for weight loss.


How does green tea help in weight loss?

The research states that the caffeine and flavonoids content in the tea together help in the weight loss. These components enhance the fat oxidation, elevate the insulin activity as well as the metabolic rate. A study was conducted to identify the same and it did prove this. The research result that people consuming green tea and caffeine for 12 weeks lost almost 2.9 pounds. During this study, the consumption of green tea was made on their regular diet.


Green Tea Burns Fat and Improves Physical performance

This is the popular reason why people consume green tea. Its ingredients work as a fat burning supplement. It turns the fatty acids of fatty tissues into energy improving the metabolism in the body Consequently, it helps in reduction of weight and circumference of your belly. Having green tea after a workout helps the most since it enhances the energy levels.


How much green tea should you drink to lose weight?

One does not require drinking too much of green tea for losing weight. Green tea consumption as much as 2.5 cups will also get you the expected results. However, ideally, one can drink 2-5 cups of green tea in a day.


Which green tea is best for weight loss?

Matcha is one of the most preferred types of green tea to get you a good impact. Wondering why? Matcha is actually consumed wholly. Unlike green tea, we do not brew it. Steeping reduces the nutrient content of the beverage. Matcha being a finely powdered form of green tea, it is easier to consume as a whole. Another reason why matcha makes a perfect choice is that the cultivators cover the matcha leaves for a month before the harvest. This does not let the leaves lose their actual nutrients. Matcha is the best green tea to drink in order to lose weight.



How to prepare green tea for weight loss

Too much boiling of green tea is bad. It can lead to loss of the present catechins in the leaves. Bring the water to boil, add tea leaves and then let it rest for about ten minutes. Pour more water into the tea and let it boil for another minute. Serve hot. You may want to make your brewing time longer or shorter depending on your personal taste preferences.


How to prepare green tea for weight loss?

Green tea consumed in its purest form will give you maximum benefits. it has various antioxidants and compounds that prevent deadly diseases in the body. You may wonder if it okay to add milk or sugar or honey to the tea. Actually no. Adding milk or any other ingredient for that matter makes the tea lose its original nutrients. Thus, make sure you have it naturally without additions. Only then does the green tea benefits in weight loss.


Green Tea dental health benefits

The routine intake of green tea strengthens the tooth and gums. The catching antioxidant reduces the reduces the possibilities of periodontal disease. The periodontal disease is an inflammatory issue that effects the bones supporting the teeth and the gums. It avoids cavities and tooth decays. It also reduces bad breath which is a problem in most humans.


Green Tea health benefits for skin

Did you know, the green tea has a considerable effect on our skin too? It offers various benefits to the skin. It makes the skin healthier and better with its essential ingredients. Let’s find out answers to some questions like, is green tea good for your face? What type of green tea is good for your skin? Does green tea help in skin whitening? How green tea evades skin acne and a lot more.

The green tea extract is popular to cure various skin issues. Not just in terms of health but also enhances the appearance of the skin.


Green tea is used for Psoriasis Treatment

This is a problem that most of the flaky and dry skins get through. They are likely to suffer from skin disorders like psoriasis. A study conducted in 2007 proved that green tea extracts could evade the signs of inflammatory diseases. While the tests were made on animals, the same was confirmed for humans.


Green tea slows down the skin ageing

The antioxidants present in the green tea slow down the ageing if the skin. It affects the skin appearance. The EGCG catechins reactivate the cells not letting them die soon. And this ultimately affects the top layer of the skin. It further leads to the low formation of wrinkles and reduces the ageing spots.

Green tea for Dandruff

Dandruff generally causes itching on our scalp. The green tea is one of the best alternatives to the shampoo. It has the properties that can eradicate dandruff.


Green tea helps to abridge inflammation

The natural antioxidants in the green tea can efficiently fight inflammation. The American Medical Association of Dermatology has released a journal that states the presence of anti-inflammatory properties of the green tea. These properties help the skin in fighting various disorders.


Green tea for skin protection from the sun

Green tea helps you evade the damage caused by the sun. You may have one or two cups of green tea to avoid the irritation or inflammation caused due to sun exposure. Green tea has the anti-inflammatory properties that evade inflammation. You may also want to use the green tea lotion. However, it is not necessary if you drink it every day.


Green Tea for blackheads and acne

Green tea can definitely contribute to evading acne and blackheads. The research has proved that a lotion with just 2% of green tea extract can help you avoiding half of the acne. One is expected to apply the lotion twice a day. It allows evasion of blackheads and acne since it has astringent, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present.



Green tea for oily skin

We know that the green tea tastes bitter. This bitterness and astringent taste are due to the presence of tannins that it has. These tannins shrink the pores and reduce the natural oil production, i.e., reduce the sebum production. Hence you tend to get a less oily skin without using any of the chemical components. Research says that even a 3% of the green tea extracts reduce 70% of the sebum production. It further leads to enhancement in the complexion of the skin.


Gently exfoliates; Green Tea is good for Face

The dry green tea leaves can be used as a facial scrub. You will find a sort of rough texture in the dried green tea leaves. The scrub lets your skin get rid of rough and dead cells. It also cleans up the oil or pollutants present on the face.


Green Tea for dark circles or puffy eyes

Generally, lack of sleep shows up on our face. But we obviously don’t want that to happen. One hates puffy eyes or even the dark circles. Since we know that green tea is abundant of tannins and antioxidants, it is a perfect solution to clear your eyes. The astringent quality of the green tea shrinks the blood vessels that remove the swelling and clear the skin below the eyes.


Green tea for Skin Complexion Tone

The green tea can drive out the impurities from the skin. It reduces the pore size of the skin and can help you even your skin tone. Hence, regular green tea consumption allows your skin to stay hydrated and look healthy.


Which is the best green tea for skin complexion?

Green tea has a lot of varieties. These varieties are due to the difference in the oxidation levels, cultivation processes, etc. Furthermore, there are various forms of green tea like a dissolving power, long lead, supplements, etc. The best way to use green tea for skin is through green tea extracts. You may want to use it as a lotion. Further, drink 2 – 5 cups of green tea every day. Matcha is known as the most active and most potent forms of green tea. It is because one tends to consume the entire tea. Matcha being a find powdered form of green tea, it is, in fact, easier to