Developing a Healthy Lifestyle with Proven Green Tea Health Benefits

Developing a Healthy Lifestyle with Proven Green Tea Health Benefits

Green tea is a popular beverage in the entire world today. Originated from the Camellia Sinensis plant, it is Native to China and India. However, the immense green tea health benefits have grown its popularity in the American countries too.

You will find diverse variants of the green tea. This is all because, after cultivation, the green tea leaves are oxidised at various levels and undergo different processing methods. This leads to diverse variants of the green tea in the market. Today, green tea health benefits are a huge hype among the fitness freaks. Let us have an overview of how and why green tea is so beneficial.

How is green tea good for health?
Green tea has the necessary ingredients that evade various diseases. It helps in forming free radicals in the body that protect damaging of cells and modules. An antioxidant called Epigallocatechin Gallate, EGCG helps in fighting various diseases in the body. An abundance of the EGCG makes green tea the healthiest beverage in the world. Furthermore, it has a few minerals that help sustain our health. Loaded with multiple bioactive compounds, green tea health benefits are tremendous for the body.

Shopping Tip: When you buy a packet of Green Tea leaves, try opting for a higher quality brand. The reason here is the lower quality brands have excess levels of fluoride. Therefore, you may compare the fluoride component essentially.

Let’s now look at the key green tea health benefits:
Green tea health benefits in preventing cancer

Cancer is one of the prominent reasons for deaths on earth. However, green tea reduces the cancer risks. Studies show that it is responsible for lowering breast cancer by 22% in women. Prostate cancer found in most of the men is observed to have reduced by 48%. Further, women have 57% lower risks of having colorectal cancer. A study in China involving 69710 women proves it.

The National Cancer Institute has proved that the polyphenols present in the green tea contribute to lowering the tumour growth. It protects us against the ultraviolet UVB radiation damages. The cancer rates in countries where green tea is highly consumed are pretty less compared to other countries.

Green tea health benefits include protection from the breast, bladder, bowel, ovarian, lung, oesophageal, skin, prostate and stomach cancer. The polyphenols kill the cancer cells. This stops the cell growth leading to spreading of cancer in the entire body. Note, we cannot say that green tea cures cancer. However, it definitely has the power to prevent oneself from cancer. Having 2 – 5 cups of green tea a day is ideal for consumption.



Green tea health benefits in preventing heart problems
The Journal of American Medical Association published in 2006 states that the green tea can evade cardiovascular diseases. A study in 1994 took place for 11 years. It examined 40,000 Japanese participants ageing between 40 to 79. These participants took a minimum of 5 green tea cups every day. It was ultimately seen that these people literally had lower risks of death due to cardiovascular issues compared to people who consumed less or not at all.

The polyphenol compounds in green tea called catechism bring the good effect leading to strengthening the cardiovascular system. Thus, green tea health benefits play a prominent role in preventing heart problems.


Type 2 Green Tea reduces diabetes
Green tea helps in lowering the blood sugar levels. Research shows 42% lower risk of diabetes in Green tea consuming humans. With type 2 diabetes, the cells in the body fail to absorb the blood sugar or glucose efficiently due to an illness termed as insulin resistance. This glucose is the main source of energy in the body. The insulin resistance elevates the level of the blood glucose, technically termed as hyperglycaemia, eventually increasing the risk of diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease and nerve damage.

Now, as per the Mayo Clinic, when you intake food or drinks, they may dramatically affect the blood sugar levels.

The Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health also concludes that added sugar is one of the prominent reasons behind obesity and epidemic diabetes. This added sugar is found highly in soda, sports drinks, fruit juice, etc. At this very point in time, green tea is something you can add to your diet since the green tea health benefits include stabilising blind sugar levels in the body.

Now the green tea can be consumed in a variety of ways. As per the US Department of Agriculture nutrition data, a plain cup of green tea from a steeped bag has 0 calories. This concludes that green tea is a perfect alternative to the sugary cold, soda and energy drinks.

Sandra Arevalo, MPH, RDS is a certified diabetes educator based in Hilton Head, South Carolina. He states, that if you lose weight, you tend to enhance your insulin sensitivity thus leading to a lower blood sugar level in the body. On the same verge, a study was conducted and published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences. The study was conducted with 63 people with type 2 diabetes while they happened to give different doses of green tea. The research showed that the people drinking 4 cups of green tea a day were prone to more weight loss and a lower blood pressure. Linking the two, we can say that green tea is surely a perfect drink for people to handle type 2 diabetes.



How much Green tea should you drink if you have diabetes?
Research says that the green tea does not impact negatively on the health as long as you are adding sugar to it. Winonah Hoffman, RN, the nursing manager at Austin Regional Clinic at Austin recommends that one shouldn’t consume green tea with sugar. However, you may consider using sugar alternatives or drinking unsweetened green tea such as stevia.

Now Stevia is a substitute for sugar that originates from the leaves of the Stevia plant. It has no carbs and not more than 1 calorie in a packet. While there are many low-calorie sweeteners, stevia is the one that shows lower blood sugar levels and insulin levels post your meals.

If you are finding the green tea too bitter for yourself, consider adding stevia and just forgo honey or sugar.
Another thing that diabetes patients have to keep in mind is the presence of caffeine in the green tea. The caffeine can affect the blood sugar levels and the blood pressure. The blood pressure is a huge concern for people having type 2 diabetes as per the American Heart Association since they are 2 – 4 times more likely to die of a heart disease compared to the ones who do not have type 2 diabetes.

If you want to check how you respond to the caffeine in the green tea, first check your blood sugar level before intake and then check it two hours later. If you are in the target range at both the times, then you haven’t been out of the limit. You may simply use the home blood pressure cuff to monitor the same.


Green Tea Health Benefits for Better functioning of the brain
Green tea has the caffeine component though not as much as coffee. The present caffeine levels help progress the brain functioning. Further, it leads to an improved mood, vigilance, memory and reaction time.

Likewise, it has amino acid L-thiamine that crosses the blood-brain barrier. Now, the blend of caffeine and the acid together help in cultivating the brain activeness.
Research proves that the old age people drinking green tea are the best survivors of brain damages.

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