How much lucky are you? How much luck does affect you?

How much lucky are you? How much luck does affect you?

New Delhi: I have always seen people finding themselves unlucky or blaming luck for their problem. It’s not a rare one, you too might have realized or heard people saying like this. Is this reality or how long it holds a fare notion? You would be happy to know that I also used to blame my “unlucky luck” for something when it was not completed according to my desire. Is the luck something which processes “our path of desire” or are we unlucky when we have something against our desire?

I will tell you to imagine whether we are always right in sphere of our desires and wishes. Obviously we could not be right at each and every time either by our wishes or by our deeds so what is there to worry if something is there against our wish. May be the God has saved us from a tragedy unknown to us. Be positive, hopeful and have faith on yourself, no power or bad luck can prevent you from what u deserve.

If being unlucky or luckless is your problem, I am putting here a solution for you. We always think luck is something we don’t have control over or we can’t get it through other sources as we do in other cases. Oh! It’s very annoying when having the talent we have to suffer due to luck.

I say that you can buy luck. Yes, you can but by your hard work only! There is no lucky person who has got it in free but obviously he/she has bought it paying hard work by. Blaming luck is like travelling in a bullet train going against our goal.

Not the luck but stamina is needed to win the race. When we loose we blame luck but again when we win the battle, who will we credit to? To the luck we hadn’t have a year ago or to the hard work we practised to defeat that had defeated us in earlier? Think it over and share your point of views.

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