Karnataka: PM Modi said, Congress will become PPP after results, CM Siddaramaiah also turns back

Karnataka: PM Modi said, Congress will become PPP after results, CM Siddaramaiah also turns back

In Karnataka, PM Modi has discovered new words for Congress in its familiar style. He said that Congress will become PPP Congress after the results of assembling elections in the state.

Indeed, PM Modi had said it was meant to say PM Modi that “after the 15th of May (when the election result will be declared), the Indian National Congress will be reduced to PPP Congress i.e. Punjab, Puducherry and family Congress.”

Said this in a really organized in Gadag. He also accused the top Congress leadership of making an auction of tickets, party posts and even the office of chief minister. He predicted that the ruling party of the state would be demolished in this election.

CM Siddaramaiah too strong response-


CM Siddaramaiah did not delay too in Counterattacking PM Modi’s statement on PPP. He told the BJP the Prison, Price rises (price hike) and pakowda party.

After Modi’s attack Siddaramaiha said in a tweet, “Dear Modi Ji, you have heard that you have given a new abbreviation PPP today. Sir, we have always supported the three P-of-the-people of Democracy, By the People, for the people, of the people. Party prison, Price Rise and Pakowda Party. Am I right sir?”

Significantly, for 224 Assembly seats in Karnataka votes will be cast on May 12 and the results will come on May 15. This south India election id being considered as crucial for the BJP and the Congress as the assembly election in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh will be held in the state.

The Carnatic result can also affect these states. Karnataka is currently the Congress Government and PM Modi is at the centre of campaigning there. In this regard, the comparison between the work of Modi Government and the Siddaramaiah Government of Karnataka is also being compared.

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