Rahul Gandhi addressing ‘Save the Constitution’ at Talkatora Stadium Delhi

Rahul Gandhi addressing ‘Save the Constitution’ at Talkatora Stadium Delhi

While addressing the Constitution Save Rally at Talkatora Stadium of Delhi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi fiercely attacked the Modi Government BJP and RSS.

While launching the ‘Save the Constitution’ campaign, Rahul Gandhi Said that the toilet which cleanses, which smells, what is the spirituality of it, has anyone felt the spirituality, which man of Balmiki Society feels? Seeing Modi’s slogan of Murdabad, Rahul Gandhi shouted in the middle that we do not speak about Murdabad on anybody in Congress. Rahul Gandhi while addressing PM Modi and said that now everyone has realized that there is no place for Dalits, Women, Weak people in PM Modi’s heart.

He said that Neerav is the case of Modi, Lalit Modi and Mallya, in which the government seems to be saving. Speak to my 15 minutes, Modi Ji. I will talk about Neerav Modi, Mallya, Modi Ji will not able to stand there. Neerav Modi runs away with so much money, But Modi didn’t say anything.

Rahul said that Modi told his minister that spice up the media person. Shut up, the country will listen to my mind only and BJP MPs will not speak, Jaitley will not speak, no one will speak, only Narendra Modi will speak. In the event of the rape, Rahul said that women are raped, rape of 8-year old girl, rape in Unnao, but Modi did not say anything even once. Modi went to London and Chief of the IMF said that Modi is not respecting the women of their country.

He said that the country’s reputation throughout the world was ruined by PM Modi. In 70 years, the Congress party created the credibility of Hindustan in all over the world, but Modi Ji ruined it and hurt our image. We have to protect our Constitution.

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